Building future innovators through mentorship in emerging technologies

We are hkrden, a year-round youth club that embraces exciting, future-forward technologies. Our goal is to provide youth with a safe, inclusive space where they may explore their interests in coding, hacking, 3D printing, and Augmented/Virtual Reality. In addition to being open for youth year-round, we also offer affordable training courses, geared towards providing youth with hands-on education to not just the use of technology, but also where it fits in the world legally, ethically, and economically. As our members mature, we hope to introduce them to the concept of mentorship, so that they can share their knowledge and passion with younger members as they join. The skills and mentorships that members cultivate in HKRDEN can then be employed in their careers, giving them a significant boost at the start of their professional lives.

Our “dens” and programs are administered by former Calgary Police Service members and vetted industry professionals. HKRDEN operates in close partnership with ReTrain Canada and s01ve Cyber Solutions for training and technology resources.